We transform data into greater supply chain efficiencies

Gain complete visibility and control.

Medline MetrIQ transforms data intelligence into efficiency and savings. Our exclusive platforms connect multiple data systems, giving you a clear, 360-degree view of inventory levels and cost data for every transaction. Ensure price alignment between contracts and realize all the savings you’ve negotiated. Improve utilization, reduce costs and optimize staff productivity. MetrIQ turns data into dollars.

What savings are hiding in your supply chain data? Contact us for an eye-opening analysis.

Medline - Instantly improve inventory levels and visibility.

Instantly improve inventory levels and visibility.

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Medline - Simplify control of high-value inventory.

Simplify control of high-value inventory.

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Inventory Management

Fully stocked and ready to care.

An efficient flow of inventory allows clinicians to focus on patients, not supplies. Our MetrIQ Inventory Management solutions analyze and track your supply needs with automated accuracy, so you always have exactly what you need at the ready.

  • SmartBin – Automated 2-bin replenishment system for hospital supply rooms keeps supplies well-stocked and well-organized without manual counting.
  • Helios for Clinical Inventory – Automated, real-time RFID-based inventory tracking system keeps specific clinical locations stocked and ready for care, from the OR to labor and delivery.
  • Helios for PAR Areas – Automated, real-time RFID-based inventory tracking system keeps PAR locations fully stocked at all times.

Spend Management

Make smarter purchasing decisions.

How much are inefficiencies costing you? They add up to the need for more informed purchasing decisions. Spend Management solutions crunch the numbers and analyze the data to reveal all the hidden savings you’re missing.

  • Spend Optimization – Allows you to compare facility-specific product-spend against industry benchmarks to identify your savings.
  • Item Master Cleansing – Provides an integrated core system for supply chain, financial and clinical data.

Uncover the savings you may be missing.

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