Masked clinician looking into a microscope
Masked clinician looking into a microscope

Improve outcomes with the right lab partner

Discover how we bring clinical lab and supply chain together

We’re more than a lab supplier—we’re your bridge to better™

Lab is the unsung hero of patient care. You need a partner you can depend on—one with a thorough understanding of your lab’s unique needs, and the experience and ability to meet them. We are that partner.

With our comprehensive lab offering, long-term relationships and system-wide infrastructure, we can help facilitate better collaboration between lab and supply chain, helping your team keep up with demand—efficiently, effectively and on budget. Together with lab leadership, our dedicated lab specialist, business analyst and customer service manager will work with supply chain to optimize your lab’s performance—bridging the gap between clinical lab and supply chain to meet your lab’s needs.

Your bridge to better lab efficiency

Lab volume continues to grow, so you need a supplier that’s as responsive as you are. Our distribution systems help ensure you have the right products in the right quantity—and at the right place and time. So, you can spend less time managing the business and more time running diagnostics.

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Low units of measure

Supplies arrive pre-organized and in just the right amounts.

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Frequent deliveries

Same rate and frequency as med/surg products.

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Backorder management

Reports to minimize and handle supply issues.

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Complex handling

Includes hazmat, refrigeration, lot sequestration and lab palletization.

Your bridge to better spending

Reimbursements are on the decline. Supply expenses exceed personnel costs. It’s no wonder you’re expected to do more with less. We provide 90% of the supplies your lab needs, with transparent pricing, so you can improve both financial and clinical outcomes without compromising on technology or quality.

Collection of different lab supplies with gloved clinician hands injecting a sample into a test tube

Broad lab portfolio

120,000 products covering all major lab categories—including 200+ well-known brands.

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Lab choice and value

375 Medline brand products available with transparent pricing.

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Seamless product conversion

Disruption-free validation process with on-site support.


Medline Centrifuges: Your complete clinical lab solution

Our new line of centrifuges are built for your lab with the features you need. Plus, they’re easy to buy, and everything you need comes in the box—including a 2-year warranty. Contact your Medline Sales Representative for a quote.

What can Medline Lab do for you?

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