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Incontinence Solutions

Continence care is everyone’s business.

That’s why we’ve made it our business to provide the tools and education your facility needs to create a high-quality, dignified patient experience. We work together to help you optimize product use, lower costs, educate caregivers and improve clinical outcomes.

The annual cost of managing urinary incontinence in long-term care facilities is
$5.3 billion1

Incontinence Solutions Program

Our comprehensive, easy-to-implement Incontinence Solutions Program emphasizes practice and technique combined with high-quality products to help caregivers work through the challenges of managing incontinence. From online education to product sizing tools, we go beyond briefs to help you provide the best care and improve outcomes.

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Incontinence Solutions Program

Staff Support and Education

When you join the program, your facility will receive our comprehensive educational system, including tools such as sizing wheels, tape measures and our Discreet Identification System. Additional components include:

Online Education Courses

Nurse Workbooks

Know How Forms and Tools

FitRight Assessment Tool (FRAT)

Our online FRAT can help you trim costs while improving care. It delivers customized product, sizing and ordering recommendations in just a few clicks — based on data from your electronic health record (EHR).

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Incontinence Solutions Program FitRight Assessment Tool

Individualize resident care

FRAT delivers personalized product recommendations for each resident – including size and type of product (i.e., brief, liner, absorption level) – to help prevent leaks and protect the skin.

Increase efficiency, decrease cost

Proper product selection results in fewer hours spent on incontinence cleanups and lower product utilization – freeing up staff time for clinical care and supporting your bottom line.

Ensure staff compliance

Product recommendations are imbedded in the ordering process. Overrides are allowed only by staff members you designate.

Track performance

FRAT generates benchmarks based on data from your facility, allowing you to optimize cost savings.

The FitRight Assessment Tool is Fully integrated with PointClickCare. Compatible with other major EHRs.

“As a market leader of incontinence products, Medline has built a trusted relationship with our company. We are thrilled and honored to interface with FitRight – such a comprehensive, user friendly continence assessment tool.”

Mike Wessinger CEO, PointClickCare


1. Wilson L, Brown J, Park G, et al. Annual costs of urinary incontinence. Obstet Gynecol 2001. 98:398-206.

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