Safe patient handling

There is no such thing as “safe manual lifting.”
While staying in line with the ANA’s eight SPHM
standards, the Uplift program supports your
caregivers and patients with every move.
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Best practices

Repositioning patients in the ICU

Critically ill patients can become de-conditioned, requiring additional repositioning help. Explore our comprehensive line of products to help you safely reposition patients. Read article.

Which sling should I use?

Choosing the right sling for the right patient and care task is critical. Use this guide to help you find the right sling to fit your patient care. Read article.

Staff education

Best Practices for Safe Patient Handling

Watch and learn tools, techniques and products to aid in safe patient handling and help reduce risk of injury to staff and patients. Watch now.

Explore our system of products

In-bed repositioning

Comfort Glide System
Our premium repositioning and offloading system ensures safe patient handling and improved patient outcomes are top priority. Explore your Comfort Glide options

Comfort Glide Air
Our top-of-the-line, air-assisted repositioning sheet uses a cushion of air for easy in-bed adjustments and boosting.
Experience easier repositioning with Comfort Glide Air

Bed-to-chair repositioning

Our line of patient lift equipment boasts reliability and ease-of-use while also being cost effective, to get you the equipment your staff needs. Find the right patient lift for your facility

Patient lift slings
Our patient lift slings are designed with quality, reliability and ease-of-use in mind. As important as the lift equipment itself, Medline is proud to offer a full line of slings to suit all your lifting needs. Get details about patient lift slings

Lateral transfer

Comfort Glide LT
Our inflatable lateral transfer sheet provides comfortable and safe transfer for all patients without the need for lifting or other equipment. See how comfort Glide LT makes transfers safe and comfortable

Comfort Glide Slings
Our Comfort Glide Repositioning Sling is a unique, 2-in-1 repositioning sling and sheet that’s multifunctional application and skin-friendly construction make it a must-have tool for staff and patient safety. Promote safer transfers with Comfort Glide Slings

Start with a discovery assessment

Safety is a top priority for everyone; but, it can be challenging to improve outcomes, facility-wide. Our Uplift Safe Mobility solution is designed to help reduce injuries throughout the entire patient journey.

The best place to start is with a comprehensive discovery assessment. We work together to better understand your facility’s goals and identify opportunities to help standardize care and support best practices to keep people safe.

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