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Empower everyone to prevent HAIs with a 3-zone strategy.
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Disinfect and hydrate hands

Explore how the 3 zones of risk cross over and impact HAIs

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Drive sustainable outcomes with best practice guidance

Our experts partner with you to identify practice gaps and opportunities for standardization—no matter the area or focus. We use the findings to optimize product accessibility, helping you improve compliance and outcomes.

Build good habits with education and training

From leaders to frontline workers, stopping the spread of infection is everyone’s responsibility. But everyone may not always have the right information to consistently prevent HAIs. We offer educational resources to fit any need across all three zones, learning style and skill level.

Support best practices with the right system of products

We work closely with you to build the right mix of products to meet your facility’s unique needs. Together, we standardize and streamline your formulary to help:

  • Make it easy for staff to reliably follow best practices
  • Improve patient and resident care
  • Reduce costs

Dig into more insights and strategies for HAI prevention

3-zone image of gloved hand wiping rail, nurse in full PPE and gloved hands placing dressing over central line catheter

Southeast Hospital achieves zero CAUTIs

Learn how this Missouri hospital is using Medline’s Urological Solution to support and empower staff in successfully preventing CAUTIs.

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Infection prevention team made up of a female infection preventionist, female nurse and male EVS worker

How to drive shared accountability

Use change management principles to inspire collaboration and responsibility across teams to prevent HAIs.

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Webinar recap
Webinar recap
Female caregiver in blue scrubs helping a gray-haired woman in a blue sweater use a walker

Infection prevention in long-term care

Clinical development expert Nikki Cracknell discusses the risks of infection in long-term care and shares strategies for prevention.

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Discover an infection prevention solution specifically for long-term care

Keeping residents and staff safe from infections is a top but challenging priority for long-term care. Our comprehensive solution—including EVS, hand hygiene and PPE—is designed to increase awareness and inspire shared accountability. By focusing on best practice, education and training, and the right system of products, we empower your staff with the support and tools to drive consistent practice and positive outcomes.

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Create a culture of safety

Build a 3-zone prevention strategy to fight HAIs facility-wide.

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