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We provide sterile processing departments with the best of both worlds: exceptional quality products you need to serve on the frontline of patient safety, and the widest range of supplies in the industry—delivered exactly when you need them, every time. Like you, our standards for sterility are impeccable. Few truly understand the meticulous work that occurs in the SPD. We do. Beyond high-quality supplies, we also support your teams with continuing education and ongoing support from experts in the field.


When is Surgical Instrument Discoloration a Cause for Concern?

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Packaging to Facilitate Sterilization and Sterility Maintenance

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Operating Room

The sterile processing department and its central sterile techs ensure the OR is always ready and prepared for surgical procedures. SPDs are also under more pressure than ever to prevent infection. Pathogens are tiny and can hide anywhere. When the goal is to eliminate 99.999% of them, only a careful, detailed approach will do. Our best-in-class products can help you continue to provide the meticulous care needed to reduce the risk of surgical site infections.

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Instrument Care and Handling

Decontaminating instrumentation starts in the Operating Room. Explore our instrument pre-soaking solutions for optimal performance and efficient cleaning.

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Decontamination Room

Employ the power of prevention against subversive microorganisms at the earliest stages with excellent chemical decontaminants, supporting tools and infrastructure to protect and prolong surgical instrument life.

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Instrument Care and Handling

Explore our wide selection of pre-soaks, disinfectants, and manual decontamination products.

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Assembly & Sterilization Room

Going from individual components to assembled sets is where central sterile transitions from preparing surgical tools to preparing for patient care. Customers find our products easy to use with guided instruction and imagery—simplifying your world and increasing efficiencies.

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König Surgical Instruments

Count on exceptional quality, endurance and value with our German-grade stainless steel instruments, available in custom sets or for individual purchase, to meet any procedural need or surgeon preference.

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Sterile Storage Room

Ensuring the highest standards of sterility in an efficient manner is your top priority for sterile storage. Every inch of space matters, and every second counts, especially in critical moments. Optimize your sterile storage with tools that simplify your processes, all while ensuring the highest standard of quality. Partner with Medline to create efficiencies for your area.

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Gemini Bonded Wrap

Our next generation sterilization wrap is a strong multi-layer, 100% polypropylene construction that provides high-level barrier protection, and improves efficiency.

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