A systematic approach to wound healing.

A consistent and evidence-based approach to wound healing empowers clinicians to elevate the standard of care. DIMES is more than just an organized approach to product use; it presents a proven roadmap to wound healing.


The first step in wound healing is the removal of necrotic tissue that can impede the growth and proliferation of healthy granulating tissue. Medline offers unique solutions that support autolytic debridement.
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  • Honey Dressings
  • Polyacrylate Gel Pad

Infection / Inflammation

Because all wounds contain bacteria, actively managing bioburden with antimicrobial dressing can reduce the risk of infection and help manage local infections. Our range of broad-spectrum antimicrobial ionic sliver dressings, gels and powders can address these issues.
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  • Alginates and other Fiber Dressings
  • Foam Dressings
  • Post Op Dressing
  • Silver Hydrogel Dressings
  • Antimicrobial Powder

Moisture Management

Too much moisture can lead to periwound maceration and skin breakdown, while too little moisture can impede cellular activities and promote eschar formation, resulting in poor wound healing. Explore our variety of dressings that absorb or donate moisture to help create an optimal moist wound healing environment.
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  • Foam Dressings
  • Alginates and other Fiber Dressings
  • Super-Absorbant Dressings
  • Hydrocolloid Dressings
  • Hydrogel Dressings

Edge / Environment

If the wound edge is not migrating after appropriate wound bed preparation (debridement, infection/inflammation, moisture balance) and healing is stalled, advanced therapies should be considered. Collagen dressings or skin substitutes may be the best way to steer a wound toward healing.
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  • Biologics
  • Collagen Dressings

Support Products and Services

Medline offers a comprehensive suite of dressings, devices and services that promote the healthy process: compression dressings to address venous insufficiency; cover dressings and tapes to affix primary dressings; skin protectants to reduce skin damage risk, and wound cleansers to loosen and remove debris between dressing changes.
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  • Skin Protectants
  • Compression
  • Contact Layer Dressings
  • Secondary Dressings
  • Transparent Film Dressings
  • Tape
  • Wound Cleansers
  • Wound Measurement

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