Improve care quality

Drive high reliability with a complete quality strategy.

Have your quality improvement gains stalled?

CMS is setting a higher bar for care quality. In order to protect and maximize reimbursement, you must show consistently strong outcomes on key metrics, such as infection and pressure injuries. While efforts to improve care quality have led to significant gains, many clinical leaders tell us they’ve “hit a wall” with their current strategies and are looking for a new way forward.

Graphic icon of person with germy hand showing that only 40% of healthcare workers use good hand hygiene

adequately comply with hand hygiene practices1

Graphic icon of nurses showing that 51% of nurses didn’t maintain sterile technique during observed dressing changes

did not maintain aseptic technique during observed central line dressing changes2

Graphic icon of Foley catheter showing that nearly 2.5 million Foley catheters are placed unnecessarily

are placed without an appropriate indication3

We help you empower staff to deliver quality care consistently and reliably. From reducing practice variation to ensuring your caregivers have the right tools, resources and support, our comprehensive strategy helps you achieve significant and lasting results.

Prepare and engage frontline staff

The combined impact of an increasingly novice workforce, stressed staff and rising care complexity can negatively effect outcomes. Together, we help prepare your team with the right tools and resources so they can deliver higher quality care to every person, every time.

Female caregiver uses a desktop computer to take a continuing education course

Knowledge Base

Grow caregiver knowledge and skills with free online continuing education courses at Medline University. Stay compliant and improve staff competence on the HealthStream platform.

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Two caregivers, female and male, turn a patient using a repositioning sheet and foam wedges

Safe Mobility

Help keep staff safe and injury free with products and resources designed to improve clinician wellness.

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Staff scheduling data shown on desktop and mobile phones

Hiring and Retention

Fuel a workforce that goes above and beyond with employee engagement software that helps you find the right people and keep them motivated.

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Partnering with Geisinger to reduce practice variation

How do you continue to improve care quality in the midst of a pandemic? Find out how the right planning, communication and training helped the Geisinger Health and Medline partnership stay focused on their ongoing initiative to decrease HAPIs and CLABSIs.

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Reduce variation in practice to improve outcomes

Practice standardization is key to highly reliable care. Yet many caregivers feel they don’t have the tools and training to help their organizations reach zero.4 Created by clinicians for clinicians, our solutions make it easier for your staff to reliably follow evidence-based best practices.

Two hands shaking, surrounded by three pink circles

Skin Health

Empower frontline staff to standardize best practices for skin and wound care with our comprehensive approach.

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Close-up of female caregiver's eye and the top edge of a face mask cropped in distinctive circular shape

Infection Prevention

Build a strong team defense against healthcare-associated infections with a 3-zone prevention strategy covering the entire perimeter of risk.

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Younger woman hugging an older woman cropped in a stylized purple flower

Continence Care

Improve outcomes with a program designed to help caregivers maintain resident comfort and dignity, while also controlling costs.

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What’s the key to standardization? Guiding caregiver behavior

Getting everyone to practice the same way is challenging. We helped Riverside Healthcare create a simple change model—standardized formulary, education and guidelines—to make it easier for staff to do the right thing every time.

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Enable more effective transitions of care

As your patient’s care needs change, they move between different doctors and care settings. But these transitions don’t always go smoothly, leading to higher readmission rates and costs. From analytics platforms to care management systems, we have solutions to make care transitions more effective.

Close-up of hands holding a tablet while doctor on screen goes over patient vital signs during a telehealth appointment

Virtual Care Delivery

Improve patient communication and outcomes, reduce readmissions and lower costs with an integrated virtual care platform.

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How can we help you achieve high reliability?

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Take a look at our broader approach

We bridge supply chain and clinical expertise to optimize healthcare operating performance. Together, we tackle your top priorities in four key areas, helping you problem solve difficult challenges and achieve your long-term goals.

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