Reduce supply spending

Spend smarter. Gain more money for direct patient care.

Reduce supply spending

Spend smarter. Gain more money for direct patient care.

Improve total purchasing costs with data-driven strategies

Are you paying too much for supplies? Do you have the ability to forecast and manage spending? Are you holding the right amount of inventory? Take control of how, what and when you buy. We use analytics and automated tools to give you the visibility and agility to unlock savings and free up dollars for what matters most.

Take control of how you buy with an integrated partnership

Supply costs are one of the biggest expenses for healthcare facilities. Consolidating to a single vendor is a proven way to lower costs. As the country’s largest, financially independent healthcare company, we have the manufacturing and distribution power to drive savings across your entire organization.

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Guaranteed Savings

We deliver immediate savings through manufacturer-direct pricing, reduced distribution fees and maximized rebates.

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Product Standardization

Optimize quality-price value and improve practice consistency with a customized formulary focused on clinical outcomes over brand name.

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Aggregated Solution

We help you maximize GPO contracts with a customized plan, including partnering with an aggregator to get higher tier pricing.

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Summit on supply chain standardization saves system $2M

See how our collaborative workshop with clinical, infection prevention and supply chain teams helped Bon Secours Mercy Health save $2 million in just one week and improve patient care.

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Take control of what you buy using data insights

A lot of work goes into negotiating supply contracts and savings. But that’s just the beginning. You also have to ensure clinical staff order from those formularies and that you’re getting the contracted price. Drive compliance with data tools that guide spend and formulary decisions.

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Customized Product Data Reporting

Real-time data gives you 24/7 control over spend, usage, pricing and more.

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Price Integrity Solutions

Our proactive measures keep purchase orders and invoices aligned.

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Item Master Cleansing

Help you build and maintain an accurate source for all supply-related data.

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Data-Driven Formularies

Recommend formularies based on spend/use data and industry best practices.

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New hybrid program delivers better outcomes

Most hospitals take a one-size-fits-all approach to moisture management. We helped Fawcett Memorial develop a blended, more cost-effective program based on different levels of patient need. The result: better financial outcomes, without compromising patient skin health.

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Take control of when you buy through automated systems

Over- and understocking, supply hoarding, expired products and labor-intensive manual restocking processes quickly drive up operating expenses. Our approach to inventory management leverages automated systems to improve costs and simplify workflow.

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2-Bin Restocking System

Automated Kanban method keeps commonly used supplies well stocked and well organized without manual counting.

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Auto-ID Inventory Tracking Platform

Track and manage inventory to all care points within your system using a comprehensive platform powered by multiple technologies.

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Inventory, Purchasing, Billing Software

E-procument software automates purchasing, inventory management and invoicing workflow, reducing supply costs and saving caregiver time.

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How can we help you reduce supply spending?

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Take a look at our broader approach

We bridge supply chain and clinical expertise to optimize healthcare operating performance. Together, we tackle your top priorities in four key areas, helping you problem solve difficult challenges and achieve your long-term goals.

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