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Free up the resources you need to provide your best care.

Optimize supply utilization—and your budget

The cost of wasted supplies adds up fast. One study estimated that nearly $1,000 in opened but unused products are thrown out after neurosurgery procedures.1 That’s almost $3 million. We have lean tools and processes to help you improve utilization and reduce the waste of unused or expired products.

Utilization Review

Using industry benchmarks, we identify ways to reduce and standardize SKUs.

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Male and female caregivers, wearing light green scrubs, pick supplies from shelves in storage room

PAR Optimization

Based on past supply use, we help you set and maintain optimum PAR levels.

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Desktop computer screen shows dashboard for PreConnect, preference card management software

Pref Card Management

Maximize pref card accuracy and minimize waste with our cloud-based tool.

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Sutures are labeled and organized in neat rows for easy, accurate inventory management

Suture/Endo Management

Reduce expired sutures/endo with a customized inventory management program.

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How less time on supply tasks gave nurses more time for care

It’s not about more hours in a day; it’s about spending less of them doing things that can be better managed through the supply chain. We worked with a major health system to streamline their supply management and free caregivers to do what they do best: care for patients.

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Relieve clinicians of supply tasks so they can focus on care

Caregivers often spend more time hunting down items and managing supplies than caring for patients. Yet when nurses are able to stay focused on caregiving, patients are less likely to suffer complications. We have efficient ways to help you simplify supply management and return caregivers to the bedside.

Streamline supply handling from “dock to doc”

We help you eliminate time-consuming, labor-intensive steps with services ranging from providing bins at the dock to decasing for the OR.

Illustration of bulk medical suppllies with barcode label highlighted
Enhanced Bulk Delivery

We clearly label bulk supplies with your item number and storeroom bin location for easier organization and faster workflow.

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Illustration of man delivering medical supplies in totes on a wheeled cart
Advanced LUM Cart Delivery

Receive supplies in just the right quantities, pre-organized and delivered in totes on carts to any area of your facility.

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Illustration of man removing cardboard packaging from surgical supplies and placing supplieson a wheeled cart
Periop Decasing

Save labor with surgical supplies that arrive shelf ready with cardboard packaging removed.

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Reduce setup times

Drive efficiency with kits, trays and case cart delivery systems customized to your protocols and clinician preferences.

PICC insertion kit on white background
Custom and Standard Kits

Gain efficiencies and speed setup times with kits designed around your clinical protocols and preferred products.

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Disposable surgical supplies in a Complete Delivery System corrugated container on top shelf of case cart
Complete Delivery System

Customized picking system puts all disposable surgical supplies into one container for quicker case cart assembly and faster room setup.

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Surgeon, procedure and disposable surgical supplies in a Complete Delivery System being delivered on a closed case cart
Surgical Case Delivery Service

Disposable, surgeon and procedure supplies are combined into one efficient delivery process, freeing surgical staff for direct patient care.

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Improving One World Surgery’s ability to care for patients

Find out how Medline’s inventory management improvements help volunteer clinicians treat more people.

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Take advantage of every available inch of storage space

As care needs expand, supplies can quickly overcrowd existing storage areas, causing mis-picks and extra work for caregivers as they hunt for supplies on chaotic shelves. We have several solutions for making supply spaces more organized and efficient.

Man in blue checkered shirt and khaki pants explains a supply room schematic to two men seated at a table

Supply Room Redesign

We work with you to assess and redesign your storage areas to improve day-to-day supply handling and storage.

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Surgical procedure packs and Complete Delivery Systems are neatly organized on shelves in storage room

Periop Space Redesign

Starting with an on-site logistical assessment, our experts create a customized plan to maximize storage capacity and layout.

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Woman wearing mask checks medical supply inventory levels in a warehouse

Third Party Logistics

Use our nearby warehouses to gain extra space for bulk buys, emergency preparedness supplies, capital equipment and nonessential services.

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  1. Zygourakis CC, Yoon S, Valencia V, Boscardin C, Moriates C, Gonzales R, Lawton MT. Operating room waste: disposable supply utilization in neurosurgical procedures. J Neurosurg. 2017 Feb;126(2):620-625.