Optimizing Supply Chain
team member showing a CAD drawing of a warehouse space
team member showing a CAD drawing of a warehouse space
Optimizing your network for greater resiliency.
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What is supply chain optimization (SCO) and how does it benefit you?

Supply chain optimization (SCO) is our unique approach to creating a leaner, more efficient supply chain. What sets us apart? By flexing to support your organization’s growth, we solve for gaps and customize a strategy to meet your business needs, across the continuum of care. Start seeing the benefits today!

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Better visibility over your supply chain
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Inventory reduction and par optimization
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Improved labor utilization
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Superior service to clinicians
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Lower cost to serve patients and clinicians

Reaching new supply chain heights

Wherever you are on your journey, we’ll meet you there. Our integrated infrastructure—what we call our Agility & ScaleTM—supports your business for the long haul, and it allows us to work together to meet you where you need us most. To see all of our supply chain optimization (SCO) solutions along each step of the way, preview the full graphic here.

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We help you optimize your non-clinical activity

analytics and technology
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advanced logistics
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All systems go in every area of your supply chain

How does kitting—from surgical kits to procedure trays—help you optimize your supply chain? By helping you save time, space and utilization. Less waste and more efficiencies overall. Our solutions also extend to your clinical lab, perioperative and pharmaceutical distribution. Serving the continuum means providing superior supply management in all areas of your care setting.

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Waste not, want not

As the world’s largest provider of surgical packs, we get you just what you need when you need it.

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Critical partners

From cold chain storage to pharma distribution and perioperative, we cover it all.

Extend your supply chain circle

Stay informed with our latest supply chain insights

Looking for some real life solutions to healthcare supply chain challenges? Read about how we help our partners do what they want to do most: provide the best care.

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One large health system tackles its pricing problems

Digging deep into price data helps UCHealth achieve and maintain price accuracy.

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nurse walking outside hospital in NYC

NYC and Medline distribute crucial PPE to those in need

During the most critical time of COVID, NYC worked with Medline to manage its growing stockpile.

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Stanford and Medline collaborate for more resiliency

Price accuracy, substitutions, greater data insight and more all help Stanford stay on course.

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Fresh perspectives from industry leaders

Learn more about supply chain optimization innovations and best practices.

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